Mountain View Electric Association awards $28,000 in scholarships to both graduating high school seniors and to nontraditional students. Scholarships will be given to students planning to attend accredited colleges, universities, and junior colleges or community colleges in the fall. The recipients will be chosen through a computerized, random selection procedure. The MVEA scholarship application will be used for the twelve $1,000 MVEA scholarships, one $1,000 Tri-State Generation and Transmission Scholarship, and the $1,000 Basin Electric Scholarship. Please use the MVEA scholarship application form below to apply for these scholarships.

MVEA will award up to eight, $1,000 Vocational/Technical Scholarships to students entering an occupational training program of two years or less at an accredited vocational/technical school, community college, or junior college. Please use the MVEA Vo/Tech scholarship application form below to apply.

Two $2,000 Power Lineman Scholarships for students pursuing a career through a lineman training program, as well as a $2,000 Power Engineer Scholarship for current college students pursuing a power engineering career. Please use one of the scholarship application forms below to apply.

2023 Scholarship Program: All applications are due on January 16, 2023.

Rocky Mountain Electrical League has a scholarship available for students planning to pursue an electric industry position or pursue a career in the electric energy industry. Applications can be found on

If you are interested in a future as a lineworker, click here to learn about local lineworker school opportunities. 

2022 Scholarship Winners

2022 Scholarship Winners (PDF)

MVEA $1,000 Scholarships:

  • McKenzie Akerlund – Miami-Yoder High School
  • Tiffany Backeberg – Falcon High School
  • Brandt Bane – Lewis-Palmer High School
  • Bethany Bonser – Discovery Canyon Campus School
  • Trey Hines – Limon Public Schools
  • Ryann Koobs – Ponderosa High School
  • Riley Marr – Palmer Ridge High School
  • Trista Marx – Limon Public Schools
  • Ashley McAllister – Ellicott High School
  • Brady Rockwell – Limon Public Schools
  • Jessica Smith – Elbert High School
  • Olivia Smith – Palmer Ridge High School
  • Nate Trice – Discovery Canyon Campus School
  • Crystal Usher – Peyton Junior-Senior High School
  • Elijah Weisensee – Limon Public Schools

MVEA Vo-Tech $1,000 Scholarship:

  • Macey Braun – Big Sandy Schools
  • Gavin Costa – Rampart High School
  • Necia Knoedler – Pine Creek High School
  • Skyler Vice – Limon Public Schools

MVEA Power Lineman $2,000 Scholarship:

There were no applicants during the 2022 scholarship period.

MVEA Power Engineering $2,000 Scholarship:

  • Andrew Hendricks – Utah State University

Basin Electric Power Cooperative $1,000 Scholarship:

  • Emily Esser – Peyton Junior-Senior High School

Tri-State Generation and Transmission $1,000 Scholarship:

  • Ryan Kuehn – Pine Creek High School