Safety Demos

High Voltage Demos

MVEA’s high voltage demonstration is a one-hour safety demo suitable for all age groups. MVEA lineworkers use a custom-built stage that replicates powerlines to demonstrate arching electricity and various types of power line equipment. Additionally, the crew emphasizes safety by demonstrating what could happen to a person’s body and heart if they were to be electrocuted using hot dogs and grapefruit to simulate. Because of the high voltage needed for this option, the demonstration location will need to be verified ahead of time.

Classroom Safety Demos

Story Behind the Switch

Story Behind the Switch is an interactive electricity demonstration available for free to elementary schools within our service territory. Our demonstration teaches students about electricity and safety with hands-on activities including a Van de Graaff generator, plasma ball, and more in 45-60 minutes. Learn more about this demo by clicking HERE.

Power Town High Voltage Demonstration

Power Town is our indoor tabletop high voltage demonstration. To perform this demonstration we will need access to a power outlet and an area to set up a six-foot table, with a three-foot safety perimeter. If you will want multiple demonstrations, it is preferred that we set up in an area where different groups can come and go.


Contact Erica Meyer at 719-494-2654 or erica.m@mvea for more information or to schedule a demonstration.