Classroom Safety Demos

Geared to any age group to educate the audience on how to be safe around electricity and how electricity is generated and transmitted over power lines. MVEA has high voltage displays suitable for indoor and outdoor demonstrations and can be tailor-made to fit your schedule and educational needs.

Power Town is our indoor tabletop high voltage demonstration. To perform this demonstration we will need access to a power outlet and area to set up a six-foot table, with a three-foot safety perimeter. If you will want multiple demonstrations, it is preferred that we set up in an area where different groups can come and go.

We also offer an outdoor large-scale high voltage demonstration. Because of the high voltage needed for this option, the location will need to be verified.

Contact Erica Meyer at 719-494-2654 to schedule a demonstration.

Education Programs Bill Insert (PDF)

Story Behind The Switch

A 60-minute safety program that explains how electricity is made and how it gets from the power plant to your home. This is a hands-on program that includes a Van de Graaff generator, plasma ball, and more. This program can also be offered to your group or classroom virtually in a 45-minute presentation.

If you have any questions please contact Erica Meyer at 719-494-2654.

Story Behind The Switch (PDF)