2023 Energy Efficiency Rebates

Please click on the link to check out MVEA’s 2023 Energy Efficiency Rebate Product Guide (PDF) which includes the products listed below and the forms needed to start putting energy efficiency to work for you. Download the 2023 Energy Efficiency Rebate forms (PDF).

To apply for energy efficiency rebates, simply complete and submit the forms for approved products in the product guide. You may make copies of the forms if you need additional spaces for rebate submissions. Once the forms are downloaded, complete the fillable form, and submit via email with attachments of scanned receipt(s) to

2023 Energy Efficiency Rebate Information

MVEA and Tri-State pay rebates to MVEA members who install select electrical heating systems, LED bulbs, electrical heating systems, and/or selected electrical appliances.

  • For new product purchases only. Eligible refunds must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.
  • Rebate requests take 4-8 weeks to process and will reflect on your MVEA bill as a credit.
  • Rebate requests must include itemized payment receipts (including product model number). Rebates may also require ENERGY STAR® certification and documentation.
  • Rebate program and products subject to change without notice.
  • Only active rebates offers are listed on this web page.

Residential Lighting Rebates

  • LED Bulbs 50% of lamp/bulb cost – Capped at $8 per lamp/bulb. 500 lumens or greater. Cap of 50 lamps/bulbs per MVEA account per year. LED fixtures with multiple light sources (e.g., multiple LED tubes, rope-light, or under-counter lighting) are designated as one fixture.

Electric Appliance & Recycling Rebates – New appliances only. Second-hand or refurbished appliances do not qualify.

  •  Induction Cooktop/Range (measuring 30″ or larger) $100 per unit for electric-to-induction replacements. $350 per unit for gas-to-induction replacement or new construction. Replacement of gas units with induction require verification of old gas cooktop/range (photographs of the old unit are sufficient).
  • Smart Thermostat $25 per smart thermostat. Thermostat must be WiFi network capable. Limit of two thermostats per member account for standard/low-voltage products and five thermostats per member account for line-voltage products.
  • Refrigerator and/or Freezer Recycling $60 for refrigerator and/or freezer recycling. Limit of two full-size refrigerator or freezer recycle rebates per member, per year. Refrigerators and freezers are considered full-size at 7.75 cubic feet or greater. Appliance must be decommissioned for recycling and cannot be resold. Proof, in the form of a receipt of retailer haul away/recycling, is required to receive the refrigerator and/or freezer recycling rebate.
  • ENERGY STAR® Clothes Dryer $30 per unit. $90 heat pump unit (vent-less).
  • Electric Water Heater 30 gallon minimum. $20 per electric water heater. Additional incentives: $30 per unit for new construction, $50 per unit for fuel switching from gas or propane to electric. $350 per unit for ENERGY STAR® rated heat pump (air source) water heaters above 30 gallons minimum.
  • Marathon Electric Water Heater $150 per unit plus $2 per gallon.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump System $500 per ton for new installation. $250 per ton for existing unit replacements. $120 per unit for ground source heat pump powered hot water (a.k.a. desuperheater). New or replacement ground source closed loop or open water source heat pumps qualify. MVEA inspection required.
  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) $16 per kilowatt (kW) for ETS controlled by timer or master control system. $12 per kW for thermal slab units controlled by timer or master control units. Minimum qualifying load for ETS is 1 kW. Energy audit recommended.
  • Air Source Heat Pump SystemTiered rebate amount not to exceed 50% of equipment cost. Tier 1, greater than or equal to 15 SEER, HSPF greater than or equal to 9. Less than or equal to 2 tons $675, greater than 2 tons $1,800. Tier 2 (cold climate), greater than or equal to 16 SEER, HSPF greater than or equal to 10. Variable speed 3 stage minimum. Less than or equal to 2 tons $1,000. Greater than 2 tons $2,400. $450/ton for air-to-water heat pump units with EER greater than or equal to 19 and COP greater than or equal to 4 (not to exceed 50% of equipment cost). $100 per unit additional with controlled ETS backup. Subject to MVEA inspection. Multiple air source heat pump systems per account require pre-approval. Contact or call (800) 388-9881 to get started.
  •  Whole House Fan $100 rebate available for replacement or new installations. Rebates are not issued for powered attic ventilators. Questions? Contact MVEA to verify your purchase qualifies as a whole house fan.
  • Evaporative Cooler $200 per unit. No window or portable units. Minimum 2,500 CFM, replacement or new installations qualify for rebate. Limit two per member, per year.
  • ENERGY STAR® Rated Split System Air-Conditioners $100 per unit. Minimum 16 SEER or 15.2 SEER2. Minimum qualifying equipment size is 1 ton. Window units do not qualify. Itemized receipt, including breakout of equipment and labor, is required.

Electric Outdoor Power Equipment

  • Minimum outdoor power equipment purchase price of $50. Rebate is available for battery or corded equipment. 25% of cost up to $1,000 for electric riding mower. 25% of the cost up to $150 for electric mower (walk-behind), or electric bicycle. 25% of the cost up to $150 for a single-stage snow blower and up to $250 for a two-stage snow blower. 25% of cost up to $100 for electric chainsaws. 25% of cost up to $50 for an electric blower, power-washer, pruner, and trimmer. An aggregated maximum rebate of $300 per member account applies (except for riding lawnmowers that have a stand-alone $1,000 cap per member account).
  • Additional battery rebate available for 50% of the cost up to $25. Batteries must be submitted with the original equipment rebate application. Battery-only applications will not be accepted.

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (One rebate per installed charger. All equipment and installation costs are required to be on one application. Photo of installation is required.)

  • For Residential Use: One rebate per installed charger. All equipment and installation costs are required to be on one application. Level 2 (without retail or fee collection capability): 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $500 for non-managed chargers. Limit two chargers per member account for residential use.
  • For Commercial Use: Level 2/L2 and Direct Current Fast Charger/DCFC (with retail or fee collection capability): L2 chargers must be accessible to the general public. DCFC charger rebate is only available for publicly accessible installations. 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $1000 for L2. 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $3000 for DCFC rated between 50–75 kW. 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $5000 for DCFC rated between 76–149 kW. 50% of total equipment and installation costs up to $7500 for DCFC rated 150 kW & above.

Commercial Lighting Rebates 

Pre-inspection of the permanent installation must be scheduled prior to the start of the project. One project per member account per year.

Energy Efficiency: Together, We All Save.

Energy efficiency has been called “the fifth” fuel as it is a critical factor in serving the growing energy needs of our communities. Why? Energy efficiency extends the power generated by coal, natural gas, nuclear power, and renewable energy by stretching the energy generated by those fuels. Simply put, energy efficiency makes the power on the grid go further and last longer while promoting the smart use of fuels and the conservation of resources.

When MVEA members participate in one of our energy efficiency programs and make the “fifth fuel” work for them, they not only use less electricity and save on their monthly electric bill, but they are also helping to reduce the overall demand for electricity within our co-op territory. The decrease in demand, especially during peak hours, allows MVEA to offset the impact of increasing wholesale power costs by reducing the amount of power that we need to purchase. Energy efficiency helps us all save. It is a team effort. And, it can start with something as small as a light bulb.

MVEA’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to start saving on your electric bill and to become more energy efficient is to evaluate the lighting in your home. If you are still using incandescent or halogen light bulbs, you are paying at least $45 more a year on your electric bill than your neighbors that have switched to LED light bulbs. While purchasing LED’s is more expensive initially, many MVEA members have found that the long-term energy efficiency savings justify the initial expense. In addition, MVEA is able to offer members a rebate on up to 50 LED light bulbs per year (per member account) through our Energy Efficiency Rebate program.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Tri-State), MVEA’s power supplier, partners with us to offer an Energy Efficiency Rebate program that extends beyond LED light bulbs. Members are able to offset the cost of upgrading to more modern energy-efficient models with appliance-specific rebates that include electric water heaters, central air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Additional Energy Efficiency Resources

For those members wishing to calculate their monthly energy use and start their own energy efficiency program, MVEA offers a home energy audit and links to the appliance use calculators, home energy audits, and lighting cost savings estimators. It also includes educational games and information for children. If you are wondering what your estimated annual appliance costs are, then we have a tool for you! The Appliance Calculator allows you to compare annual appliance costs.

101 Easy Ways To Save (PDF) – Want to know where your money goes? 101 easy ways to save is full of tips to save energy and money in your home.

Home Energy Savings Guide (PDF) – This is a resource for operating your home efficiently by finding how the little changes add up.

Commercial Energy Savings Guide (PDF) – Commercial savings guide will help you save a lot, by making small changes at your business.