Marathon Water Heaters

If you are in need of a new electric water heater, Marathon water heaters are available for purchase to Mountain View Electric Association (MVEA) members.

To learn more or request pricing and availability:

Electric Marathon Water Heaters

Why does MVEA only sell electric Marathon water heaters?

To resist rust and corrosion, Marathon water heaters are built with a:

  • Tough outer jacket
  • Non-metallic tank

They are high efficiency with built-in insulation to keep:

  • Water warm longer
  • Savings in your pocket

Electric Marathon water heaters come with:

  • A limited lifetime warranty on the tank for as long as you own the home
  • Built-in insulation, so they run larger than standard water heaters

These features, and more, help us feel our members’ water heating needs will be taken care of for many years.

Water Heater Sizing

It is important that you measure the space for the water heater prior to purchase.

We offer 3 size options for you to choose from:

  • 40 Gallon – Model MR40245 – Dimensions 65 ½ inches by 21 ⁵⁄₈ inches
  • 50 Gallon – Model MR50245 – Dimensions 66 ¾ inches by 23 ½ inches
  • 50 Gallon Short – Model MRS50245 – Dimensions 47 ¼ inches by 28 ¼ inches

Energy Efficiency Rebates – Marathon Electric Water Heaters

More great news! Marathon electric water heaters are eligible for a great energy efficiency rebate through MVEA. Visit our rebate page for details and to download the rebate form.