Building Energy Use Benchmarking

About the Energy Performance for Buildings Act (HB21-1286)

In the 2021 Regular Session of the Colorado General Assembly, the Energy Performance for Buildings Act (HB21-1286) was passed, concerning measures to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

The Energy Performance for Buildings Act:

  • Requires owners of large buildings to collect and report on energy use benchmarking data to comply with rules regarding performance standards relating to:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Establishes a process requiring certain electric utilities, such as Mountain View Electric Association, to provide energy-use data when requested by a building owner.

Section 1 of the act requires owners of certain large buildings, on an annual basis, to collect and report energy use to the Colorado Energy Office.

The full version of HB21-1286 can be found on the Colorado General Assembly website.

How to Request Your Building’s Benchmarking Data

Step 1

Please call us at (800) 388-9881, we are here to help.

We want to offer as much clarity up front. Call us prior to setting up your Energy Star Member Portfolio will help ensure that:

  • All of your data is collected in the most efficient way
  • You are successful when setting up your portfolio
Step 3

We can start sharing your data.

After you have established your account with Energy Star Member Portfolio and added Mountain View Electric Association as a contact we will be:

  1. Notified
  2. Able to start sharing your data

If at any point in setting up your Member Portfolio you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us again. We are happy to assist!

Mountain View Electric Association’s aggregation threshold is 4 tenants. If you are under this threshold, please have your tenants fill out a consent form, identifying yourself as an authorized organization.

Please email us your signed Consent to Disclose Electric Cooperative Member Data Forms (PDF).


Call our Member Services Team at (800) 388-9881 or email us.