Honoring Colorado’s Lineworkers: Recognition by the Colorado General Assembly

As a tribute to the dedication and service of lineworkers, the Colorado General Assembly recognized Colorado Lineworker Appreciation Day as April 18, 2024. This day, dedicated to honoring the brave individuals who work tirelessly to keep our communities powered, serves as a reminder of the vital role lineworkers play in ensuring the reliability of our electric infrastructure.

Among those in attendance were lineworkers from various Colorado utilities and electric cooperatives, each representing a commitment to excellence in their field. Living among us in the same communities they serve, they are true neighbors, and today, we honor their unwavering dedication. MVEA's CEO, Ruth Marks, Vice President of Member Engagement, Sarah Pinkerton, alongside Operations Superintendents Cory Anderson and Todd Shaffer, proudly accompanied MVEA linemen Jeremy Greer, Ivan Spence, Levi Suarez, and Nathan Wiegert at the Colorado Capitol for this significant recognition.

Lineworkers are the unsung heroes who brave adverse weather conditions, hazardous environments, and challenging terrain to restore power during outages and maintain the electrical grid's integrity. Their dedication ensures that homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, and essential services remain operational, even in extreme weather condition.

The recognition by the Colorado General Assembly underscores the gratitude and appreciation felt towards lineworkers throughout the state. Their commitment to public safety and service excellence is truly commendable and deserving of the highest praise.

As we reflect on Colorado Lineworker Appreciation Day, let us take a moment to express our appreciation to all lineworkers for their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment to keeping our communities connected and powered.