Upgrade Service – Load Data Sheet

Are you adding any items that will increase your electric use? If so, an upgrade of your electric service may be needed.

Service Upgrades will be provided in accordance with the terms of the current MVEA Line Extension Policy (PDF).

For requests exceeding 200 amperes, submit a $250.00 engineering fee with the completed and signed load sheets.

Two load data sheets (see below), one describing the existing load, and one with your additions to the services, will need to be completed and returned to MVEA.

Mail to:
Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
Engineering Department
11140 E. Woodmen Road
Falcon, CO 80831

or fax the forms to (719) 495-9130

or email our engineering department

Once received, Engineering will contact you regarding your upgrade.

Please contact Engineering for further information.

Please note that MVEA’s responsibility does not extend beyond the demarcation point, so an upgrade of your member-owned facilities may be needed as well.