Report Damage & Theft

Report Damage

Help us keep the lights on. Report Damage.

We inspect our lines regularly, but often you can spot trouble before we have a chance to reach it. If you are experiencing frequent interruptions in electric service that is not due to the weather, or you see anything suspicious please contact MVEA or fill out the online damage report form.

Suspicious items could include the following:

  • A pole charred at the bottom or split at the top
  • Pole leaning
  • A wire or rope thrown over the line
  • Overhanging branches and leaning trees
  • Chipped or cracked insulators
  • Unlocked door of any type of electrical “green” box such as pad-mounted transformers or pedestals

*If this is a safety hazard, please call 719-495-2283, 719-775-2861, or 1-800-388-9881! If after hours please leave a message for the on call dispatcher.

Safety Hazards that require immediate attention include:

  • Down Power line – Stay Away! Report the line to 911 or call MVEA!
  • Any sparking or fire, especially at the transformers

MVEA’s contractor, Sundance Power Pole Inspections inspects poles in our territory. Generally, they will wear company hats and have a sign on their vehicle. They also carry an I.D Badge. If you have any questions, call MVEA.

Report Theft

Energy Theft/Meter Tampering Costs You!

Energy theft costs you the member. When dishonest members do not pay for electricity they have used, honest members must pick up their tab.

  • We prosecute energy thieves.
  • Thieves are billed for diverted energy plus investigation fees.
  • A $100 safety inspection fee is assessed for meter tampering and cutting MVEA seals in addition to other diversion charges.

If you suspect someone is receiving unmetered electricity or using a fraudulent name to prevent paying the bill, call either MVEA office. Your information will remain confidential and be promptly investigated.