Prepaid Metering

Prepaid Metering is a new way to pay for your electricity. Prepaid Metering is a pay-as-you-go electric service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using – no late fees or security deposit required.

Prepaid Benefits Include:

  • No deposit required.
  • No late fees.
  • No collection or reconnect fees.
  • Easier budgeting.
  • Timely information about electric usage.

What is Prepaid Metering?

Prepaid Metering is a pay-as-you-go electric service. With this billing option, you pay in advance for the electricity you will be using and your prepaid account balance decreases as electric service is delivered.

How much does it cost to start Prepaid Metering?

A minimum $100 payment will be required to create a prepaid balance on the account.

Are deposits required to start Prepaid Metering?

No. To start a Prepaid Metering account, a $100 payment is required; payments can then be made in $5 or more increments.

Are all MVEA residential accounts eligible for Prepaid Metering service?

Only Residential accounts with an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meter qualify for participation in the Prepaid Metering rate. Members on budget billing, net metering rate, or renewable resource rate are not eligible.

How can I check my Prepaid balance and make payments? Are low balance notifications sent?

Members with Prepaid Metering may monitor account balance information via SmartHub, email notifications, text notifications, or by calling MVEA’s automated payment system.

How often do I need to make a payment?

Participants can make payments toward their Prepaid Metering balance at any time to ensure their account maintains a credit balance. The minimum amount that can be applied is $5.

What if my payment is returned to the bank?

If your payment is returned by the bank for insufficient funds or a stop payment, and the payment reversal reduces your electric account balance to zero or below, your service will be disconnected.

Am I subject to late fees?

No. Members who are on Prepaid Metering service will not receive late fees.

What if I don’t receive notifications?

You are responsible for setting up your notifications using SmartHub either online or by using the app.

What happens when my credit is $0 or below?

Power will be disconnected once your account no longer has a credit. Disconnects will be immediate and without further notification including weekends, holidays, or during severe weather conditions.

If I am disconnected, how can I get reconnected? Are there any fees to reconnect if I am disconnected due to non-payment?

Power will be reconnected once a $10 minimum credit is applied to the account’s prepaid balance. There are no fees associated with a disconnect on a Prepaid Metering account.

What if I don’t make a payment within 10 days of being disconnected?

If a Prepaid Metering account is disconnected and no payments are made within 10 days, your account will be considered inactive, and a final bill will be mailed to your last known address.

Does MVEA have a separate rate for Prepaid Metering?

No, the billing rate is the same as our standard residential rate. The monthly grid access is the same as well, just pro-rated daily.

How are Prepaid Metering electric services billed?

Your prepaid bill is updated daily at 12 p.m.; you will not receive a monthly billing statement.

What if I receive a payment for energy assistance?

Payments will be applied to your account once received by MVEA.

Can I choose to be moved to traditional billing at any time?

Yes. MVEA will require full payment, and may require a deposit, as a condition of service.

How do I register my account with SmartHub?

Registering for account management through SmartHub takes less than three minutes! Check out these helpful step-by-step guides to registering your account today!

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