Payment Options

Have questions on your Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. billing statement? Learn how to read your bill. (PDF) If you have a disability and need assistance reading and understanding your bill, please call us at (800) 388-9881.

Online 24/7 – SmartHub:

Click on the SmartHub link in the yellow box that works best for you from the homepage.

  • Login To Your Account – a link to access your account. You will need your email address and SmartHub account password.
  • Register for Online Access – a link to SmartHub account registration. You will need your billing account number, last name or business name, and email address.
  • Password Reset – a link to the password reset tool. You will need your billing account number, last name or business name, and email address.
  • Download the SmartHub Mobile App – a link to SmartHub’s website to help you download the app to your mobile device.
  • Make a One-Time Payment – a link to make your payment without signing in. You will need your account number and your last name or business name, to make a payment.

Safe. Secure. Convenient.
Going paperless through SmartHub lets you manage all aspects of your Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. account online or with your mobile device. Creating a SmartHub account takes less than three minutes! Check out these helpful step-by-step guides to registering your account today!

Want even more convenience (and savings)? Use our Bank Account Auto-Pay through the SmartHub program to simplify the monthly bill-paying process. No more due dates to worry about. No more phone calls to set-up payments. No more writing and mailing checks.

Ready to Switch and Save? Click on our SmartHub application, follow the prompts and you will be signed up for paperless billing and/or bank account auto-pay in just a few short clicks!

Not ready to go paperless? You can still Switch and Save by enrolling in Bank Account Auto-Pay. For questions, you may also send an email to billing.

Sign up for Auto-Pay: Enrollment can be made by going to “SmartHub” on the website. Log in to your account. To set up your Auto-Pay Accounts click on the Billing and Payments drop-down arrow and select Auto-Pay Accounts. On this page you may Add, Update, Cancel, or Change Payment Method for your monthly Auto-Pay Accounts.

To store your Payment Card or Banking information for future use click on the My Profile drop-down arrow and select Update My Bank Account or Credit Card Information. This is not saved for monthly Automatic Payments to your account.

Don’t have a SmartHub account, but need to make a one-time payment online? SmartHub offers a safe, secure, and convenient “Pay Now” option. You will need the account number and the last name or business name on the account. You will be able to make a payment on the account, but the other SmartHub benefits may not be accessed through the “Pay Now” option. For assistance call us at (800) 388-9881.

Switch and Save!!

Go Paperless Through SmartHub. Go Bank Account Auto-Pay.

  1. Monthly 50¢ Credit! Sign-up for Paperless Billing through SmartHub, receive a $0.50 credit every month you are enrolled. (Multiple MVEA Meters Allowed)
  2. Monthly 50¢ Credit! No hassle payments! Switch to Bank Account Auto-Pay Through SmartHub, receive a $0.50 credit every month you are enrolled. (Multiple MVEA Meters Allowed)
  3. Combine both…Receive a $1.00 per month credit. More Meters = More Savings!
  4. Bonus! Get automatically entered into a quarterly drawing for a $300 account credit for a limited time (Promotion subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. Monthly credits are dependent upon continued monthly enrollment.). Winners will be selected from all active members who participate in the “Switch and Save” program by going paperless, using bank account auto-pay through SmartHub, or both.

*Important Switch and Save Program Information

  • Switch and Save Credits with Bank Account Auto-Pay through SmartHub requires electronic reoccurring payments from your bank account. Auto-Pay enrollment with a debit or credit card is not eligible for Switch and Save Credits.
  • Switch and Save Credits are dependent upon continued monthly enrollment.
  • Switch and Save credits will terminate upon discontinuance of Paperless Billing or Bank Account Auto-Pay through SmartHub.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.

In Person Monday through Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Falcon or Limon Location:

MVEA accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Check, Money Order, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Cash payments are only accepted in MVEA’s offices. Checks and money orders are accepted in drop box locations and in the field. Writing a check? Make sure to use black or blue ink to ensure your payment can be processed properly.

By Phone 24/7:

Credit Card (through the automated system call (877) 999-3415.

Drop Box:  (List of Drop Box Locations PDF) 

Please be advised that our Monument Office drop box location is closing. The last day all payments will be picked up from this drop box is Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

There are more than a dozen drop box locations to choose from. All payment drop boxes are conveniently located outdoors. Only check or money order payments are accepted. Important Payment Drop Box Processing Information: If using a payment drop box, allow for 48-72 business hours for payment processing. If your payment is due right away (or if it is past due), please do not use a payment drop box as it may delay processing of your payment. If you have questions, please call to speak with a Member Services Representative at (800) 388-9881.

MoneyGram Locations:

Now you can use MoneyGram to make your payment with cash today! MoneyGram services are located within thousands of retailers. To make a payment bring the following items to the MoneyGram location: Cash in the amount of your payment plus the $1.50 MoneyGram fee, your MVEA account number, and receive code 15113. To find the MoneyGram location nearest you visit MoneyGram’s website or call (800) 926-9400.

Budget Billing Plan:

Budget billing is available, to eligible members in good standing, and provides 12 equal monthly billing amounts for electric use. Budget amounts are calculated from the member’s previous 12 month’s bills and adjusted for any rate changes that were effective during the year. The budget amount will be recalculated annually and the difference between actual use and the total amount the member has paid will be evaluated. To learn more about, or see if you are eligible for, Budget Billing visit our Rules and Regulations Billing section 11.0, or you may call our offices to speak with a Member Services Representative at (800) 388-9881.

Prepaid Metering:

Prepaid Metering is a new way to pay for your electricity. Prepaid Metering is a pay-as-you-go electric service. You pay in advance for the electricity you will be using – no late fees or security deposit required.

Prepaid Benefits Include:

  • No deposit required.
  • No late fees.
  • No collection or reconnect fees.
  • Easier budgeting.
  • Timely information about electric usage.

Is Prepaid Metering right for you? Learn more, visit our Prepaid Metering web page (LINK) or download a Prepaid Metering information sheet (PDF).

An Important Note About Features on SmartHub:

SmartHub requires the latest version of your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari. Without an updated browser, you’ll no longer be able to access SmartHub due to outdated security measures.

Upgrading to the latest version of your web browser is a fast, easy, and free process. Visit one of the links below, or navigate to the website of your preferred web browser, for the latest and greatest edition.

iPhone Users: Please run the Apple update to use the SmartHub app and make a payment.