Subdivision Development

Site Requirements & Pre-Construction Guide (PDF)

Engineering Fees

The engineering fee is $1,500 plus $50.00 per lot. The engineering fee must be paid in full before a Distribution Line Designer can begin designing the electric service. Please pay by check at the Developer meeting.

Commitment (Will Serve) Letters

Commitment Letters provide confirmation that MVEA will provide service to the development and/or parcel within our certificated territory.

Things to Consider:

Please check with the local municipality regarding their requirements for overhead or underground electric service. Keep in mind a recorded plat must be received before a construction crew can start on the project.

Subdivision Extension:

Is also known as a “full system build” and is designed for serving multiple members within a planned development. The permanent location of transformers and metering equipment is known. MVEA recommends the building structure be within 250 feet of the transformer for optimal service performance.

System Backbone Extension:

Is commonly referred to as “backbone”. MVEA will design and build Junction cabinets and electric conductor only. A backbone is an electrical distribution designed to serve multiple members in a planned development, but the location of the transformers and meter equipment is unknown. A backbone is typically used for larger lots/parcels.

To request a commitment letter or a developer meeting, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

The type of service requested and the distance of your proposed building location from existing MVEA facilities may require an extension of MVEA electric facilities. Electric service will be provided in accordance with the terms of the current MVEA Line Extension Policy (PDF).