Residential Service

Residential – If you wish to set up service for an existing home.

The following is required to process your application for new construction of electric service:

  • Complete and sign an Application for Electric Service – New Construction
  • Pay any required deposits and/or engineering (design) fees
  • Complete Residential Load Data Sheet with total connected load
  • Owner/builder names, mailing address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, etc.
  • Street address of property
  • Legal description of property to be serviced

To request an application, please call us at 1-800-388-9881, email us, or stop in at one of our offices.

Return your completed application, deposit as required, documents, and a minimum $250.00 engineering design fee to:

Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
Engineering Department
11140 E. Woodmen Road
Falcon, CO 80831

Incomplete application packets will not be processed.

After Receipt of Completed Application Packet

We will call you to schedule an on-site meeting with a Distribution Line Designer to discuss the service requirements, design, route, and MVEA’s policy and procedures. At the time of the field meet please provide the following:

  • Post the physical street address at the property
  • Location of property pins, including corners and points of line
  • Location of well, septic system, and leach field
  • Location of driveway or other access
  • Location of the house corners
  • Location of the meter
  • Electric requirements: main disconnect size
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition – must be signed by all owners
  • Plat or property survey
  • Proof of ownership (Warranty Deed)
  • Be aware of covenant requirements


  • Copy of site plan
  • Copy of engineered electric one-line diagram with loads
  • Size and quantity of service conductors/disconnect

When the design is complete, the Distribution Line Designer will mail a cost/contract letter. The cost/contract letter is valid for 90-days.

The following items are required before a project can be scheduled for construction:

  • Return signed cost/contract letter
  • Pay the costs of construction
  • Submit signed Rights-of-Way, if required
  • Other permitting requirements may apply to some projects
  • Pay balances on other accounts, if any

The following items are required before construction can begin:

  • Tree trimming/clearing, if applicable
  • Construction area clear of debris or any other encumbrances
  • Trench route to final grade
  • Any other site requirements that MVEA deems necessary
  • Verification by MVEA that the site is ready for construction of the electric line extension

Failure to comply with the pre-construction requirements may result in the project being rescheduled.

Once released, the project will be constructed as quickly as material availability, project backlog, and working conditions allow.

  • Three weeks after MVEA has received the payment and all rights-of-way and permits, you may contact the Operation’s Superintendent with scheduling questions.

MVEA will set a meter once the Electrical Inspector notifies MVEA of the meter release. Typically the meter will be set the next working day following the receipt of a meter release.

Locating of Existing Underground Utilities

In compliance with Colorado State SB93-155, all existing underground utilities and other facilities must be marked prior to excavation. MVEA will contact UNCC (Utility Notification Center of Colorado) 3 working days prior to the start of any excavation and request marking of all public utilities. MVEA will not begin construction until all underground lines and private facilities are marked.