Landscape Management / 811

MVEA appreciates how highly you value the appearance of your landscaping. We also know that the equipment needed to supply your electricity doesn’t always fit into your landscaping vision. Many of our members try to hide the equipment behind trees and bushes, however, MVEA crews still need access to this equipment during outages or service problems.

To prevent your plants from being removed or trimmed for access, please plant them a minimum of 10 Feet away from electrical equipment. Here are a few landscaping ideas:

  • Put grass, gravel or up to 2 inch rock around electrical equipment.
  • Do not use ivy or other climbing plants around equipment.
  • Trees should be planted so that at maturity they remain a minimum of 10 feet away – far enough away from overhead lines, so they do not need trimming and will not obstruct a boom truck when access is needed.
  • Do not change the grade around equipment to avoid problems with access and service.
  • Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place Safety Sheet (PDF)

Remember-Call Before You Dig!

Contact the Utility Notification Center of Colorado by calling 811.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.