Field Inventory Projects

GIS field inventory projects are an important part of maintaining and upgrading MVEA’s infrastructure to better serve our membership. GIS field inventory projects allow MVEA to more easily identify areas for necessary improvements based on the ability to accurately track maintenance and outage events on the system and will ultimately lead to improved service.

Status: In Progress – March 2022 through July 2022

Davey Resource Group (DRG), of Alpharetta, GA, has been hired by Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. to perform a Geographical Information System (GIS) field inventory of the co-op’s electrical infrastructure.

The field inventory process requires DRG employees to physically visit each pole, meter, and pad-mounted devise that is included in the inventory area within MVEA’s service territory. They are gathering equipment data and should be able to complete their tasks at any given location quickly. Their work should not involve any disruption of service or damage to property.

Status: Completed

MVEA’s contractor, Alamon, Inc., began inspecting power poles in our territory beginning April 5, 2021. They will perform inspections in portions of Calhan and Peyton. Notifications were mailed to members in the areas affected. If you have any questions, please contact MVEA at 719-495-2283.

Status: Completed

Global Mapping Solutions, of Cheyenne, WY, was hired by Mountain View Electric Association to collect and record GPS points of specific electrical plant facilities located in MVEA’s service territory. Data collection was completed in 2017.