Energy Shield

Whole House Surge Protection

From outside your home, lightning can cause enormous spikes on the electrical lines. But there are dozens of sources inside the home too. Washers, fans, air conditioners, shop tools, refrigerators or virtually any electrical appliance that can be turned off and on creates spikes.

Unfortunately, the expensive electronics are at the greatest risk. Spikes don’t affect things like fans, motors, or light bulbs. They’re dangerous only to equipment with microchips. These include:

  • Personal computers & peripherals
  • Stereo equipment
  • Televisions and VCR’s
  • Microwave ovens

MVEA can deliver the protection solution. We will provide you with a whole-house protection network that helps safeguard your household electronics. Our electrical services personnel can assess your needs and provide guidance in selecting a surge protection system that works best for you.

A basic Energy Shield plan protects most homes for only $9 a month and a one-time installation fee of $99. Enrollment in the Energy Shield program requires a minimum three year commitment. The basic plan one-time $99 installation fee and the first $9 monthly equipment lease payment are due at the time of installation. Following installation, the $9 monthly fee will be added to your monthly MVEA bill. Additional devices may be supplied at an additional cost.

Leviton, North America’s leading manufacturer of electronic wiring devices, produces the surge suppressors we supply. They’re provided with an outstanding Downline Limited Warranty that backs the surge suppressors themselves and the electronic equipment you plug into them. (The limited warranty does not cover direct lighting strikes and has other exclusions.) View the Leviton Warranty.

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