Outdoor Lighting & Repair

MVEA offers an affordable solution to illuminate your residence or commercial space with outdoor lighting.

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures do not have a switch, they turn on automatically. The lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.
  • Installation is free IF the light can be installed on an existing meter or transformer pole, otherwise installation fees may apply.
  • Maintenance and light fixture replacement is provided by MVEA. Notify us if the light isn’t working and we’ll repair the light.
  • Electricity is included in the monthly outdoor light rate.

Terms of Service

MVEA requires a one year outdoor light contract which begins on the day of installation. The expense of moving or relocating the fixtures after initial installation will be borne by the member. MVEA offers two wattage options, 40 LED and 70 LED please see MVEA General Rules and Regulations 19.70 Outdoor Lighting for our rate information.

Outdoor Lighting Options

In case of vandalism, please refer to MVEA General Rules and Regulations 19.70 Outdoor Lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Repair

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We’re here to help, if you have any questions email the Engineering Department or call us at (719) 495-2283 and ask to speak with an Engineering Services Representative.