Energy Efficient Appliances

Become Proficient in Being Energy Efficient

Everything you do—from flipping a switch to upgrading your appliances—can add up to big energy savings. When MVEA members participate in one of our energy efficiency programs, they not only use less electricity, they are also helping to reduce the overall demand for electricity within our co-op’s service territory. We continue to raise the bar and increase our efforts to promote energy efficiency.

A cost-effective way to start saving on your electric bill and to become more energy efficient is to update the electrical appliances in your home. Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Tri-State), MVEA’s power supplier, partners with us to offer an Energy Efficiency Rebate program that extends beyond LED light bulbs. Members are able to offset the cost of upgrading to more modern energy-efficient models with appliance-specific rebates that include electric water heaters, central air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances.

If you are wondering what your estimated annual appliance costs are, then we have a tool for you! The Appliance Calculator allows you to compare annual appliance costs.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Requirements

MVEA and Tri-State pay rebates to MVEA members who install select electrical heating systems, appliances, and/or LED bulbs electrical heating systems and/or selected electrical appliances.

To apply for energy efficiency rebates, simply complete and submit the forms for approved products in the product guide. You may make copies of the forms if you need additional spaces for rebate submissions. These forms, and more, can be found on the rebates homepage.

ENERGY STAR certification can be verified through the retailer’s website under the item’s specifications or through by accessing one of the links below: