Energy Efficient Appliances

Become Proficient in Being Energy Efficient

Everything you do—from flipping a switch to upgrading your appliances—can add up to big energy savings. When MVEA members participate in one of our energy efficiency programs, they not only use less electricity, they are also helping to reduce the overall demand for electricity within our co-op’s service territory. We continue to raise the bar and increase our efforts to promote energy efficiency.

A cost-effective way to start saving on your electric bill and to become more energy efficient is to update the electrical appliances in your home. Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Tri-State), MVEA’s power supplier, partners with us to offer an Energy Efficiency Rebate program that extends beyond LED light bulbs. Members are able to offset the cost of upgrading to more modern energy efficient models with appliance-specific rebates that include electric water heaters, central air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Requirements

MVEA and Tri-State pay rebates to MVEA members who install select electrical heating systems, appliances, and/or LED bulbs electrical heating systems and/or selected electrical appliances.

To apply for energy efficiency rebates, simply complete and submit the forms for approved products in the product guide. You may make copies of the forms if you need additional spaces for rebate submissions. Please click on the link to check out MVEA’s Energy Efficiency Product Guide (PDF) that includes the products and forms needed to start putting energy efficiency to work for you. Click here to download the Co-op Cares Energy Efficiency Rebate forms (PDF). Once the forms are downloaded, complete the fillable form, and submit it online via email with attachments of scanned receipt(s) to


Print out and mail-in to MVEA, PO Box 1600, Limon, CO 80828, Attn: Rebates.

When submitting rebate requests, please remember:

  1. All applications must be filled out completely.
  2. An itemized sales receipt that showing the model number and proof of payment must be attached.
  3. All requests must be made within a 120 days of purchase.
  4. Rebate processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks, and will reflect as a credit on your bill.
  5. If requesting an additional rebate for a recycled refrigerator in conjunction with a new purchase, proof of recycle or haul-away must be included. (Note: Item must have been decommissioned to be eligible.)

ENERGY STAR certification can be verified through the retailer’s website under the item’s specifications or through by accessing one of the links below:

Products Eligible for Rebates

Residential Lighting Rebates 

  • ENERGY STAR® LED Bulbs 50% of lamp/bulb cost – Capped at $8 per lamp/bulb. 500 lumens or greater. Cap of 50 lamps/bulbs per MVEA account per year.

Appliance Rebates  – New appliances only. Second-hand or refurbished appliances do not qualify. 

  • ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator / Freezer – (min 7.5 cu ft.) $30 per unit. Additional $60 if old unit is recycled. Maximum 2 recycles per member, per account.
  • ENERGY STAR® Dryer $30 per unit. $90 heat pump unit.
  • ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer $40 per unit front load. $30 per unit top load.
  • ENERGY STAR® Dishwasher $20 per unit.
  • Electric Water Heater 30-55 gallons. $50 per unit. $70 per unit with lifetime tank warranty. $350 per unit for ENERGY STAR® rated heat pump (air source) water heaters above 30 gallons. $100 per unit for primary heating by direct exchange GSHP.
  • Marathon Electric Water Heater $200 per unit plus $2 per gallon.
  • Air Conditioner – Whole Home System $150 per unit over 16 SEER. $100 per unit from 15-16 SEER. Permanent installation, minimum 1 ton, ENERGY STAR® rated. Excludes window units.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump System $500 per ton. $250 per ton for existing unit replacement. Minimum 3/4 ton. MVEA inspection required. ENERGY STAR® rated.
  • Electric Thermal Storage (ETS), Thermal Slab – Permanently installed units only. $20 per kilowatt (kW) for ETS controlled by time or master control system. $16 per kW for thermal slab units controlled by timer or master control units. Energy audit recommended.
  • Air Source Heat Pump System – $300 per ton for units rated from 15-17 SEER. $450 per ton for units greater than 17 SEER. $100 per unit additional with controlled ETS backup. Excludes window units. Subject to MVEA inspection. $85 per unit for package terminal units (through wall heat pumps) ENERGY STAR® rated.