Green Power

For Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. (MVEA) members who would like to further invest in affordable renewable energy, we offer our members a choice to buy blocks of green power to help spur further development of renewable energy sources.

The purchase of green power helps offset the use of fossil fuel-generated power with the purchase of wind, solar, bio-fuel, and green tags.

As the cost of research and development for renewable energy goes down, so does the cost. MVEA started offering green power in 2000 at the cost of $2.50 per 100 kWh block. Today, the cost is only 10¢ per 100 kWh block. This is in addition to the regular bill for kWh use.

MVEA currently has renewable resources in their mix of power and your participation in the green power program can help us increase that mix and lead to a cleaner world for future generations.

MVEA is offering “green power” to its members for .001¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh) only to members opting for green power.

Members will be required to buy green power in 100 kWh blocks. Each block will cost 10¢ and will be billed on the monthly statement as an additional charge. For the average residential consumer that uses 1,000 kWh a month, opting in to the Green Power program would be an additional investment of only $1 a month. A one-year commitment to buying green power is requested.

Tri-State G&T Association, MVEA’s power supplier, makes green power available through purchasing contracts with renewable power sources.

As a member you have two options for signing up, online or downloadable PDF form below:

Click the link below to visit the online form:

Click on the link below to download the contract. This contract may be returned with your monthly payment, put in a dropbox or mailed to MVEA, P.O. Box 1600, Limon, CO 80828.



If you as a member of Mountain View Electric Association are planning a renewable energy project and seek to connect to the Association’s system, please use the link below to view the Interconnection information.