MVEA Supports Local Law Enforcement Through Shield616

— Co-op providing local officers with life-saving armor packages —

Falcon, CO – Thanks to the generous donations and contributions by Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. (MVEA) employees during a private fundraiser, the local co-op has been able to support three officers in the community with armor packages, which contain active shooter and crowd control gear. MVEA will also be sending encouragement, prayers, well wishes and cards to the sponsored officers.

The three officers that have been sponsored by MVEA include: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Mike Waters, who routinely patrols the Falcon area, Logan Wilkins, who is the District Wildlife Manager in Limon, and Fred Wyler, who is the Town of Limon’s most senior Police Officer.

MVEA’s Board of Directors was so inspired by the generosity of MVEA employees that they’ve decided to match the $3,600 in donations and sponsor additional officers that serve our community. Shield616 will assign officers to MVEA in June at a gear presentation event.

“When the idea of raising funds for Shield616 was brought to our employees, they were very excited,” said Jim Herron, MVEA CEO. “We originally hoped to raise enough funds to support two officers but were able to sponsor three. Now, through our Board of Directors match, we are able to provide more gear to the men and women who protect our communities. It’s an honor to be part of this cause.”

Shield616 has a goal of equipping every officer with necessary advanced active shooter and crowd control gear. They also want to provide support groups for officers who will provide them with encouragement throughout the year. For more information about Shield616 visit their website.

MVEA Supports Local Law Enforcement Through Shield616 (PDF)