MVEA Launches New & Improved Website

MVEA Launches New & Improved Website - August 2023 CCL CEO Article

By Ruth Marks, MVEA CEO

Ruth Marks, MVEA CEO

Streamlined Content and Account Management at Your Fingertips

How many times a day do you go online to make a purchase, pay a bill, or research an important topic? If you are like me, it is multiple times a day. On any given day, I might use my cellphone to check my MVEA SmartHub account to see what my electric use is during the hotter days of summer and then visit a couple of different websites to learn more about industry trends. There is no denying that the digital world has become a big part of how we do business and where we look for information. That’s why it is more important than ever for businesses like Mountain View Electric Association to have a modern and functional website that makes it easy for people to find the resources they need with a click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen.

With our growing membership in mind, and with some great website traffic data to help us make a few content changes, MVEA recently launched a new and improved website. It is a change that I am excited about because it was driven by MVEA’s dedication to serving the co-op membership. More and more of our members are using our digital tools and account management resources and searching for information online first; many prefer a visit to our website over a phone call or office visit.

While our other website design served us well, it was time for a refresh to streamline our content and adopt modern user-friendly features to make it easier for members to do business with us and access helpful resources more efficiently. If you want to start or stop a service, you can do that online. If you want to manage your electric use and pay your bill, we have an online app for that. If you want to learn more about energy efficiency and ways to save energy and money, we have a resource center for you on our website.

The new website design mirrors our commitment to excellence in serving our growing membership now and into the future as digital resources continue to expand. Many of the frequently-used tools and resources, such as the “My Account” feature or “Outage Center” are now easier to find. Other design changes that I think members will really appreciate include:

  • A mobile responsive design in mind for those who visit our website on their smartphone.
  • A simplified and organized navigation ribbon to find information quickly.
  • Content that has been broken down through the use of bullet points, drop-down menus, and buttons to make it easier to read.
  • A “Feedback” button on every page that allows members to contact us easily.
  • New and upgraded accessibility features such as a font size adjuster and a language translation option.

While I am excited about the streamlined functionality of the new website, I am also excited about how it will help our members navigate change in the future. In the months to come, we anticipate changes to our rate structure due to a rate increase from our wholesale power supplier, Tri-State Generation and Transmission. To help absorb the impact of the rate increase and additional rate pressures, MVEA may adopt a rate structure that promotes the use of electricity at specific times of the day while encouraging the active use of the SmartHub app to better understand home energy use. The updated website will make it easier for members to access these tools and resources while providing important details about rate changes and energy-efficiency incentive programs.

I encourage you to explore the updated website and let us know what you think. To learn more about MVEA, please visit our new web page that helps tell our story