Empowering Futures: Mountain View Electric Association Illuminates Educational Paths With $28,000 in Scholarships

Mountain View Electric Association (MVEA) is not just in the business of brightening homes; they are dedicated to illuminating futures. This academic year, MVEA is proud to announce a scholarship initiative, offering a total of $28,000 in scholarships to its members or their dependents who are pursuing further education.

MVEA's scholarship program comprises 14 scholarships, valued at $1,000, for individuals enrolling in accredited colleges, universities, junior, or community colleges. Additionally, MVEA is extending its support with a $2,000 Power Engineer Scholarship, tailored for current college students pursuing a career in power engineering. For those venturing into the field through a lineworker training program, MVEA offers two $2,000 Power Lineman Scholarships. Furthermore, the program includes up to eight $1,000 Vocational/Technical scholarships. Notably, applicants for the Power Lineman Scholarship and Vocational/Technical Scholarships can be non-traditional students or those not immediately entering college following high school graduation.

The scholarship recipients will be selected through a computerized, random selection procedure from the pool of qualified applicants.

To apply for these transformative opportunities, interested individuals can visit https://www.mvea.coop/scholarships. The deadline for scholarship applications is Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Erica Meyer at (719) 494-2654 or erica.m@mvea.coop.