Moments With Our Members: OutPaws’ Sweet Home Sanctuary – A Beacon of Compassion and Community

In the heart of Peyton, Colorado, lies an 80-acre haven where compassion meets community spirit—OutPaws' Sweet Home Sanctuary. Founded in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, OutPaws was born from a dream to create an animal rescue organization. The sanctuary operates under the dedicated leadership of Executive Director and Founder, Carrie Thornburgh.

In 2021, OutPaws expanded its mission by relocating to Peyton. Here, they provide forever homes to animals rescued from neglect and shelters with the help of 80 volunteers. Currently, the sanctuary is home to ten different species, including pigs, chickens, ducks, cows, turkeys, sheep, and goats, totaling 115 animals. They also house seven dogs, including one with a customized cart due to severe back leg injuries, four cats, and four bunnies eagerly awaiting their new rabbit shed and outdoor pen, built by dedicated volunteers. OutPaws' mission, as Carrie passionately states, is "to teach people that all species of animals deserve compassionate and humane treatment." Through education and hands-on experience, OutPaws advocates for a societal shift in how we regard our fellow animals.

As a proud member of the electric cooperative, OutPaws relies heavily on the support of the community and the essential services MVEA provides. "We rely on electricity to be able to provide around-the-clock care for our animals," Carrie shares. From birthing baby goats on cold winter nights to using oxygen concentrators for piglets with pneumonia, electricity is vital for their operations. Carrie also looks forward to utilizing MVEA rebates to make sustainable choices for renewable electric energy. She appreciates the personal touch that comes with being part of a smaller utility, where neighbors help neighbors. "When I first moved in, MVEA redid my poles and connected power, and one of the people that showed up for the job was a neighbor right down the street. It’s a community which is very different from large corporations."

To learn more about MVEA’s rebate program, click HERE.