Unclaimed Capital Credits

Since 2013, Mountain View Electric Association’s (MVEA) Board has used a hybrid first-in, first-out (FIFO) 80% with a last-in, first-out (LIFO) 20% capital credits retirement system to increase the number of checks issued to members. Prior to 2013, capital credits were retired (paid) approximately 15 to 20 years after they are allocated. Whether you live near or far when your allocated capital credits are retired, they remain yours and a check will be issued to you. One of the problems MVEA has is finding people that have moved and not left forwarding addresses so we can mail future capital credits checks to them. Many people will move several times after leaving MVEA and don’t think to update their new address. We mail capital credits checks to the last known address. If it is returned by the post office, former member names are listed on our website. If the money goes unclaimed for 6 years, it is returned to MVEA.

You may search here to see if you have unclaimed capital credits retirement distributions at Mountain View Electric Association. If you find that your information is listed below and you have unclaimed capital credits retirement distributions, please contact our offices at (800) 388-9881.

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Unclaimed Capital Credits Retirement Distributions

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