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How do I save on medical needs?

Healthy Savings is the place for you. By visiting the Healthy Savings site you can locate providers near you, print a copy of the Co-op Connections program, complete a prescription price comparison, and more! There are medical savings on prescriptions, eye care, dental care, chiropractic services, hearing aids, laboratory, and imaging.

*Co-op Connections is a discount card, not an insurance. It offers great savings, but cannot be used in conjunction with your insurance.

How do I use the discount?

It’s simple! You can show your mobile app, or print out the offer from your computer, to get discounts on dining, services, and at retail locations.

How do I find discounts near me?

The fastest and easiest way to find local deals is to download the free Co-op Connections app on your mobile device. Once you register, you can search for all the local and national discounts near you! You can also use your desktop computer to search for deals by visiting the Co-op Connections website.

Download the mobile device app for your Android or Apple iOS to find the deals near you!