How can you help?

Sign-Up Now!

It is easy! Start contributing by clicking the “Sign Up Now” link above or by calling (719) 495-2283 and we will simply round your electric bill up to the next whole dollar each month.

  • The extra change – an average of 50 cents a month or $6 a year – is your contribution to the program.
  • The most it can cost you is just under $12 a year!
  • Contributions are tax-deductible and your January bill will list your annual contributions.

Want to Give a Little More?

  • When you enroll, you also have the opportunity to give a one-time extra donation to the Operation Round Up Fund.
  • The additional amount you contribute is completely up to you!
  • This additional one-time donation will be allocated to charitable organizations or individuals in the same manner as the regular (average of $0.50 a month) contributions.