SmartCharge MVEA EV Pilot Program Sign Up Event

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Event Date

Thursday, April 1st


Friday, April 30th


We are excited to launch a pilot program, SmartCharge MVEA, for members who own an electric vehicle (EV). Participants, with compatible EVs, receive a $100 incentive upon device installation and activation for the 12-month program. The device is easy to install, with one-click, and helps pinpoint consumption on the grid.

Why are we doing this?

  • Understand how/when/where EV owners charge their vehicles for system impact planning and other research purposes.
  • Measure the current and forecast the future impact of EV charging load on the grid.
  • Understand the shape and timing of EV charging load and peak coincidence across different vehicle models, commuter profiles, and seasons.
  • Understand the potential system-wide EV charging load implications and the potential cost savings through managed EV charging.

In order to receive the $100 incentive, be one of the first 35 members accepted after registration and self-install and activate the SmartCharge device. The monetary participation reward is distributed via PayPal deposit by FleetCarma.

To participate in this new limited-availability pilot program, visit SmartCharge MVEA.