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Tuesday, January 15th


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Date of Notice: January 15, 2019

Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
1655 5th Street P O Box 1600
Limon, Colorado 80828-1600

You are hereby notified that the above-named Association proposes to make the following changes in its tariffs, to become effective March 1, 2019:

Mountain View Electric Association will discontinue its PowerPartner Program. The PowerPartner Program assisted the Association in conserving energy by permitting the Association to regulate the power supply to electric water heaters. The Association, with the members agreement, would install a load control device on the member’s hot water heater. This device controlled the water heater electronically and the load could to be reduced when needed; the control device would shut off the water heater for a brief period of time with minimal effect on the hot water supply.

For the member’s participation, a $3.00 monthly credit was applied to the bill. This monthly credit will be discontinued along with the PowerPartner Program on March 1, 2019.

In addition to this publication, written notice will be sent to PowerPartner Program participants. If you have questions, you may call either business office – Falcon, 11140 E. Woodmen Road, Falcon, CO 80831 at 719-495-2283; Limon, 1655 5th Street, Limon, CO 80828 at 719-775-2861 or at 800-388-9881.

Anyone who desires to comment on the proposed change will file a written response with the Association at 1655 5th Street, P O Box 1600, Limon, Colorado 80828, no later than twenty (20) days from the date of this notice. The Association may hold a hearing, to consider the comments and determine whether the proposed change will be authorized. Anyone who desires to receive notice of hearing, if any, will make written request therefore to the Association, at the above address, no later than twenty (20) days from the date of this notice.

Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.
By: Jim C. Herron
Chief Executive Officer

Notice of A Change In The Tariffs PowerPartner (PDF)