Lineworkers School

Electric lineworkers construct and maintain all of MVEA’s underground and overhead electrical distribution system. No matter the weather conditions, lineworkers are responsible for digging pole and anchor holes, framing poles, setting poles and anchors, stringing, sagging, and connecting overhead conductor, opening and closing trenches, installing pad mount switchgear and underground conductor, locating underground cables, determining the locations of faults in damaged cables, performing related tasks on both energized and de-energized lines, and more.

Mesa Hotline School  serves as a model for providing training for privately owned and not-for-profit companies. The program prepares students to work for power line construction and utility companies and includes instruction in just about every type of line work that will be faced on the job. This includes learning basic skills in electricity, line work installation, repair, cable splicing, and system testing, as well as transformer connections, underground electric installation, and effective operation of digger derricks. All students are required to obtain a Red Cross First Aid card and a CPR card before a certificate is issued.

Mesa Hotline School
Grand Junction, Colorado
(970) 854-2236

Trinidad State Junior College offers a Line Technician program to prepare students to build, repair, and maintain electrical distribution systems for private and public utility companies, and related employers. Instruction in this program includes safety and overall electrical system operations, including electrical distribution, basic electrical theory, overhead and underground operations and maintenance.

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