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Our goal at MVEA’s Live Wires & First Responders event is to support and empower first responders like you with essential electrical safety resources. We’ve curated valuable information to address the unique challenges you face. Together, let’s create safer communities and a strong network of emergency response professionals. Thank you for your dedication in serving our communities.


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Book A High-Voltage Demo!

MVEA presents an engaging 1-hour safety demonstration featuring electrical safety. This captivating demo is appropriate for all age groups and showcases the expertise of MVEA lineworkers on a custom-built stage that accurately replicates power lines. Spectators will witness impressive displays of arcing electricity and different power line equipment.

Furthermore, safety takes center stage during the demonstration, as the crew illustrates the potential consequences of electrocution on the human body and heart using creative simulations involving hot dogs and grapefruits. Due to the high voltage requirements for this option, the demonstration location must be verified in advance.

Electrical Safety Demonstration Request

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