Annual Meeting Door Prize Winners

2020 Annual Meeting Door Prize Winners

65″ LG NanoCell TV Donated by Foothills Energy Service, Inc. – James Taylor, Monument

Black and Decker Electric Mower Donated by Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association – Richard Dudding, Colorado Springs

Five $50 Gift Cards Donated by Western United Electric Supply –

  • Denise Delanghe, Colorado Springs
  • Daniel Irving, Peyton
  • Doug Forester, Monument
  • Gary Albertson, Colorado Springs
  • Paula Monroe, Calhan

Fifty $50 Bill Credits Through Mail-in Ballot Entries

  • Karen Reidenbaugh, Colorado Springs
  • James Rebeck, Colorado Springs
  • Robin Shoulders, Monument
  • Teresa Burnside, Monument
  • Ronald Hays, Colorado Springs
  • Tommy Walker, Colorado Springs
  • S Finley Hartley, Elbert
  • Pratan Ratanapinta, Peyton
  • Charles Day, Colorado Springs
  • Richard Griffin, Monument
  • Larry Locke, Monument
  • Thomas Dowd, Monument
  • Russell Lawrence, Peyton
  • Shawn Chin, Monument
  • Irmgard Knoth, Monument
  • Harold Curtis, Deer Trail
  • Ricky Kochis, Calhan
  • Brandy Fairbanks, Peyton
  • Ricky Conner, Colorado Springs
  • Ken Balser, Colorado Springs
  • Greg Lovato with Take Charge Physical Therapy, Monument
  • Donald Cox, Colorado Springs
  • Floyd Neiswanger, Colorado Springs
  • Jack Holst, Colorado Springs
  • James Egolf, Monument
  • ¬†Clinton Moss, Peyton
  • Julie Driver, Colorado Springs
  • Quentin Trumble, Colorado Springs
  • Drew Koch, Colorado Springs
  • Carmella Hornstein, Colorado Springs
  • Carlito Page, Fountain
  • Ronald Dellacroce, Colorado Springs
  • Joe Menden, Peyton
  • Robert Sullivan, Yoder
  • Jeff Dewitt, Colorado Springs
  • Dixie Boyer, Rush
  • Leonard Romanoski, Colorado Springs
  • Janine Coates, Peyton
  • Daniel Graham, Monument
  • Tom Wilkerson, Colorado Springs
  • Evelyn Farmer, Colorado Springs
  • Linda Hawthorne, Limon
  • Charles Mutka, Colorado Springs
  • William Nealon, Monument
  • L K Jacob, Monument
  • Tiffany Noe, Peyton
  • Ross Mueller, Monument
  • Susan Loomis, Peyton
  • Kimberly Rhinesmith, Monument
  • Nazanine Amir, Colorado Springs

2020 Mower and Trimmer Outdoor Power Equipment Package Winners are:

  • Ashley Stills – Monument
  • Heather Pietraallo – Peyton

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you for participating in our event and we look forward to seeing you next year at our 80th Annual Meeting on June 3, 2021.