2022 Annual Meeting Door Prize Winners

Sundowner Prizes
$500 Diana Jolly, Hugo
$300 Steven Mease, Limon
$200 Carla Stone, Limon

55 inch VIZIO Smart TV donated by Foothills Energy Service, Inc.
Alexander Brown, Monument

EGO Power+ 18” Cordless Electric Chainsaw donated by Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
James Groves, Elbert

Four $50 Gift Cards donated by Western United Electric Supply

  • Herman Dudley, Colorado Springs
  • Lowell Grauberger, Falcon
  • John Mikos, Monument
  • Chris Snyder, Limon

Two $100 Gift Cards donated by Western United Electric

  • Joshua Niebur, Limon
  • Yonge Simmons, Colorado Springs

Apple iPad mini® donated by Conexon Connect
Fred Brown, Falcon

Thirty $50 Bill Credits

  • Craig Bailey, Limon
  • Jeanette Bartling, Calhan
  • Leslie Bullock, Calhan
  • Steven Burgess, Falcon
  • Everett Churchwell, Limon
  • George Cooper, Monument
  • Greg Damron, Peyton
  • George Fosha, Calhan
  • Mary Eileen Fritz, Colorado Springs
  • Kenneth Geoffroy, Limon
  • Jean Gilchrist, Limon
  • Gary Glover, Calhan
  • Juanita Gordon, Limon
  • Blaine Hales, Falcon
  • John Higgins, Genoa
  • Patrick Kropp, Limon
  • Jeffrey Lavender, Falcon
  • Joseph Lima, Falcon
  • Naomi Malcom, Limon
  • Mark Meyer, Calhan
  • Gary Miller, Falcon
  • Donald Morrison, Limon
  • Lawrence Nobile, Elbert
  • Mark Olson, Limon
  • Priscilla Rose, Falcon
  • Deborah Skillicorn, Peyton
  • Beatrice Twiss, Calhan
  • Caron Wetter, Limon
  • Betty Whitney, Calhan
  • Kathryn Wicklund, Colorado Springs

Podium Flowers
Patricia Lynch, Kiowa

Table Flowers

  • William Hendrix, Calhan
  • Leonard Volosin, Calhan

2022 Summer Series Outdoor Power Equipment Giveaway Winners:

  • Angie Curry, Monument: Greenworks Pro Electric Pressure-Washer
  • Antonia Munster, Calhan: Snapper Electric Mower & Trimmer Package

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you for participating in our event and we look forward to seeing you next year at our 82nd Annual Meeting on June 8, 2023.