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Mountain View Electric Association is excited to bring world-class fiber broadband internet to 100% of our membership.

Our electric cooperative is partnering with rural fiber-optic leader Conexon Connect to build a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network – the gold standard of communications transmission – over the existing electric distribution infrastructure that will enable fiber to be brought directly into our member’s homes and businesses and deliver reliable, high-speed internet services. The Conexon Connect approach is to work exclusively with electric cooperatives such as MVEA to launch and deploy high-speed fiber-optic networks to offer world-class fiber broadband.

This FTTH buildout, encompassing nearly 5,800 miles of fiber, will ultimately reach Mountain View Electric Association’s more than 53,000 members in portions of Arapahoe, Crowley, Douglas, Elbert, El Paso, Lincoln, Pueblo, and Washington counties within five to six years. Under the partnership, design and construction of the FTTH network is being led by Conexon, with the network managed and operated by Connect, powered by Mountain View Electric Association.

The fiber-optic network will offer members access to symmetrical Gigabit internet capabilities (same download and upload speeds) – among the fastest and most robust in the nation. Additionally, it will provide reliable, clear phone service and enable the benefits of smart grid capabilities to the electrical infrastructure, including improved power outage response times, better load balancing, more efficient electricity delivery, and other benefits. For more information or to sign up for service, call 844-542-6663 or visit Conexon Connect website.

Landowner Easement Questions and Answers:

As a part of our Broadband project, some MVEA landowners have received easement packets. Below is a list of common questions along with the answers for landowners.

Question: What is this easement for?
Answer: This easement addresses the addition of a fiber optic line which MVEA will use to supplement its electric grid. Through a partnership with Conexon Connect, MVEA is building a fiber broadband network to reach every electric co-op member. Under the partnership, design and construction of the fiber broadband network will be led by Conexon, with the network managed and operated by Connect, powered by Mountain View Electric Association.

Question: Why does MVEA need a new easement if they already have an existing easement?
Answer: MVEA is updating their package of rights to install fiber in the existing easement area and is asking for a voluntary easement before exercising Colorado’s broadband Easements Statute.

Question: How is the fiber line going to be installed, underground or above ground?
Answer: While there may be exceptions, generally, it will follow our existing electric distribution infrastructure. Underground fiber infrastructure will be built using bores and trenching, while overhead fiber lines will be installed on existing above-ground electrical infrastructure (below our electric lines).

Question: Will there be a new pole on my property?
Answer: Only if existing infrastructure needs to be replaced or upgraded. MVEA’s electric distribution system, including more than 6,200 miles of energized line and 24 substations, regularly receives scheduled upgrades and maintenance as part of our focused effort to provide safe and reliable electricity to the membership.


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