Errol Hertneky – District 3

Position: Member

(Board Member since 2013; re-election year is 2019)

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
PO Box 941
Limon, CO 80828-0941

Phone: 719-775-2610



I am Errol Hertneky and I am your director from district 3. I have lived on the same farm since I was born. I graduated from Calhan High School and then from Colorado State University with a degree in Ag Business. I spent the next six years in the Colorado National Guard, and during that time I married my wife Bette, and our daughter, Dana, and son, Travis, were born.

After 20 years of chasing cows I went back to school and got an accounting degree from CU. With my accounting degree in hand, I opened my first office in Limon over 20 years ago. My work experience has provided me with some insight into why some businesses do well while others must close their doors. I have watched co-op’s start, grow, lose focus, and then fail.

Board Experience:

I have been on the MVEA board of directors now for two and a half years. I was elected following the Black Forest fire, and little did I know that would be an indication of what was to follow. There is a saying that, “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” After two years of serving on the MVEA board of directors and attending countless training courses put on by the Colorado Rural Electric Association, I have achieved my Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate. The Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate indicates that I have achieved a basic knowledge of the rural electric industry…and, what I don’t know. I can only hope that with knowledge will come wisdom and with wisdom will come the judgment to serve as a productive board member.

Statement of Position:

March 23 2016, 6:00 PM: I am writing this statement on my laptop. It is snowing outside and we have a thirty mile an hour wind. The house is getting dark and it is getting cold. It’s been 60 plus years and again I find myself staring up at that light pole waiting for the electricity to come back on. At about this time having reliable electricity moves up to the top of the list of priorities, and the cost of a kilowatt-hour slips further down. Only this time there is a difference: the ball is in my court. It is my actions on the MVEA board of directors that will determine how often, and for how long, both you and I are shivering in the dark.